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Adequate financial resources for the maintenance and operation of facilities have become a critical problem facing our educational institutions. Balancing competing demands on ConVal School District’s resources is becoming increasingly difficult. Currently, prioritized facility maintenance plans, efficiency upgrades, and program needs must meet the requirements of the NH Department of Education’s approval process for educational facilities and the receipt of state aid.

It is essential that facility centered spending decisions be developed within a context that is consistent with both our educational mission and basic building needs. Carefully programmed spending is particularly essential within a changing educational climate where program initiatives may often require facility modifications and upgrades.

The District continues to maintain and upgrade its facilities, with an eye toward addressing existing and potential exposures associated with:

  • Structural integrity of facilities

  • Mechanical and plumbing systems reliability

  • Electrical service adequacy

  • Safety prudence and statutory compliance

Specifically, every project will satisfy one or more of the following institutional missions:

  • Program Support

  • Accessibility

  • Asset Preservation

  • Cost Containment

  • Public Interface

  • Safety and Statutory

  • Life Quality