Library Learning Commons

Welcoming. Adaptable. Flexible. Participatory. Empowering.


8:20am- 3:30pm

Students and staff are welcome to check-out or return materials at any time during the school day.

The Library, also known as our "Learning Commons", is designed to be a welcoming, adaptable, flexible, participatory, & empowering space for all learners.

Checking Out Books
  • Students may check out books during a Library Week, as well as with their classroom teacher.

  • Books checked out during a Library week, should be returned by the next Library Week.

  • Students are able to choose from any book in the library.

  • Expectations for the behavior in Library are the same as in the classroom.

  • Students are expected to be safe, responsible, and kind in the Library if they would like to check out books and participate in the activities.