Health/Dental Insurance

2023-2024 Health/Dental Insurance Rates: click here.

Health/Dental Plans 2023-2024

There are many benefits that come with your health/dental insurance, so it is important that you create an account with HealthTrust, click here for directions: Create a Secure SEP Account

In addition, this link will take you to all your HealthTrust benefits: click here.

Insurance Plans

Base Plan: ABSOS20_40_1KDED(07L)

As part of the Base Plan, the ConVal School District reimburses for Co-pays and Deductibles through a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) with Benefit Strategies. Please click here for the HRA – FAQs.

Secondary Plan: AB15IPDED(07L)

Tier 3: BC3T10(07L)

The Prescription Drug Plan is the same for all three health insurance plans: Prescription Drug Plan

Dental (Dependent children are not eligible until 2 years of age): Dental Insurance


January 2023 Updates to the Slice of Life Program – Slice of Life – How to Join

January 2023 Updates to the Employee Assistant Program – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Included Health Medical Advocacy Program: Included Health

ConvenientMD: IMPORTANT – ConvenientMD Financial Policy – An active credit/debit card will be requested by the front desk staff and will be securely kept on file for any future potential patient responsibility after insurance. Any co-pays required as part of your insurance plan will be charged at the time of service. If you do NOT have a credit/debit card, ConvenientMD also accepts cash and checks. They require a $75 payment at the time of service in order to cover potential future patient responsibility after insurance. Please click here for the complete policy: ConvenientMD Patient Financial Policy

CVS MAINTENANCE CHOICE: AN ENHANCED WAY TO FILL LONG-TERM PRESCRIPTIONS – You may now go to your local CVS Pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Please click here for additional information: Maintenance Choice – CVS



  • Simpler — fewer forms to complete and fewer rules

  • More engaging — participants choose the healthy activities you want to do on your Personal Wellness Journey and HealthTrust rewards you for your healthy choices

  • More robust — more choice and greater rewards than before — up to $475 in cash rewards plus a free wearable fitness tracker.

HEALTHTRUST TECH TOOLS: Click the link for information on Mobile Apps, creating log-ins, finding providers, etc.: HealthTrust Tech Tools