Request Family Medical Leave (FMLA) for myself or a family member

All staff are required to contact the Human Resources Department for forms and additional information immediately after learning you will need to take FMLA protected leave.

Take a Personal Leave of Absence

Bargaining Unit Members can find information regarding Personal Leaves, Sabbaticals, etc., in the CVEA Agreement under Article 6 – Leaves of Absence. All staff are required to contact the Human Resources Department for Leaves of Absence information.

Plan to Retire

Notification of intent to retire shall be made in writing to the Superintendent on or before October 1 of the fiscal year preceding retirement. Example: If retirement is planned for July 1, 2022, notification must be made by October 1, 2020. CVEA members click here for Article 7.10.1 Retirement Buy back info, Administrators need to contact Human Resources directly. All other staff should refer to page 46 in the Staff Handbook.)

In addition, it is important that you contact the NH Retirement System and Social Security.

You will be invited to the Health Insurance Meeting with the Retirement Specialist from HealthTrust to discuss your health insurance options. This meeting typically happens a few months before your retirement date. In addition, ServiceLink in Keene is a great resource for insurance and Medicare questions. You can set-up an appointment with them, and they will help with the process. Please click here the website:

Change my address and/or name

Click the links below for the forms you must complete and return to the Human Resources Department. If you have created accounts with NH Retirement and HealthTrust, you can make the address change with them directly. You will need to change your address with Benefit Strategies directly. It is important that you create an on-line account with Benefit Strategies so you can make these changes. You will also need to complete the Personal Data Change Form, and send it to HR. In addition, you need to be sure to change your name/address with the State Department of Education. I have attached the form, but you may be able to do this on-line as well.

If you are changing your name, you must complete all the forms and return them to HR with a copy of your new Social Security Card. Name changes will not be done until you have the new Social Security Card.

Change my beneficiaries

To change your beneficiaries for NH Retirement, you can create an account at NHRS and make the change on-line, or click below for the form and return it to HR. To change your beneficiaries for your life insurance, you must click below for the form and return it to HR.

Report a work related injury

Employees who experience an accident or injury while working at their job must request a First Report of Injury form from the school office, and it MUST be filled out IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY. State Law requires that a First Report of Injury must be sent to the Department of Labor within five days of the injury. Therefore, it is important that the form be completed the day of the injury and sent to the Human Resources Office immediately. Also, please be sure the Administrator has signed the form.