Our Hours and Tuition

8:45 AM to 11:45 AM Monday through Friday

Our program follows the ConVal School District calendar.

For more information contact us at (603) 588-6371

Our Philosophy

First Friends preschool is designed to meet the needs of three and four year old children who are developing typically as well as for those children with special needs. Our quality program is designed to provide enriching experiences for each child.

Children learn much more from each other. Typically-developing children need to learn that we all have differences – for some, certain things are difficult to do while other things are done with ease. Children at First Friends will learn a great deal about patience and understanding. By learning these early in life, we believe they will grow up to be well-adjusted, more compassionate adults.

Our children learn through active exploration and interaction in an enriching environment so there are many opportunities provided for sociodramatic play, art, music, and movement. Each morning’s activities are designed to develop your child’s language/literacy, cognitive, social/emotional, fine and gross motor, self care, and independence skills.

Our Staff
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