Every student, every day — A guaranteed, viable curriculum

Our curriculum is aligned with the New Hampshire College and Career Readiness Standards (NHCCRS). Standards are statements of essential skills and clearly explain what students are expected to learn in these areas.

The ConVal School District uses a planning model that is guided by four questions (Dufour & Eaker):

  1. What do we want our students to learn and be able to do? (Learning Outcomes)

  2. How will we know if each student is learning each of the essential skills, concepts, and dispositions we have deemed essential? (Assessment Strategies)

  3. How will we respond when some of our students do not learn? (Tiered Interventions)

  4. How will we enrich and extend the learning for already proficient students? (Extended Learning Opportunities)

To best accomplish these tasks, a well-defined curriculum revision and renewal cycle has been established to meet the demands of rigorous, research-based instructional strategies and curricula. This includes purchasing aligned materials and programs, providing high-quality professional development, and support materials for intervention and enrichment.

While we recognize that each of our nine towns is distinctive in its own right, our goal is to ensure that all our students have access to the same high-quality curricula and assured educational experiences.