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ConVal District's Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

The ConVal Regional School District, in partnership with its member communities, will inspire all learners to achieve academically, contribute to the global community, and thrive as independent and productive citizens.


Vision Statement

As a New Hampshire “Follow the Child” district, the ConVal Regional School District will create and cultivate these conditions in the lives of our students.

  • Sense of belonging
  • Access to heroes and caring role models
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Fun and excitement
  • Curiosity and creativity
  • The spirit of adventure
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Confidence to set goals and take action to reach those goals


Values Statement

As a Professional Learning Community, we will implement our mission and support our vision by demonstrating:

  • A focus on student learning
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Personal accountability
  • Trust and respect
  • Job-embedded professional development


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