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Belief Statements

  • We believe that South Meadow School has the distinct responsibility of providing learning experiences, which enable students, as they approach and begin adolescence, to develop and clarify their ideas about the world and their places in it.
  • We believe that family involvement is critical to a student's successful educational experience.
  • We believe that in all of our endeavors, students, staff and parents must actively strive to create a caring, cooperative, and respectful community.
  • We believe all students are capable of learning and should be held to high expectations.
  • We believe all students should be academically challenged.
  • We believe that students will develop and integrate knowledge, valuable skills, responsible attitudes and cooperative behavior.
  • We believe that learning is a lifelong process.
  • We believe that students should learn to use technology efficiently in a variety of real life situations.
  • We believe curriculum should be integrated wherever possible.
  • We believe service to the community is beneficial to all students.



Our motto at South Meadow School is to be a “Caring, cooperative, respectful and academically challenging community of learners.” This is the basis of our behavior and discipline policy. We believe that all members of the SMS community should respect each other’s ideas, personal beliefs, and belongings. We also believe that “needs motivate behavior” and a basic need is to have a school environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Our behavior policy is to guide students toward responsible behavior by establishing clear guidelines and working to promote responsible actions in our classrooms.


Behavior issues that interfere with classroom learning are referred to the Assistant Principal. Each student has the right to an uninterrupted education. When a student interferes with this right, an office referral for interruption of learning is necessary. At this time the student may be required to conference with the assistant principal and be held accountable for his/her actions. After three office referrals, the student is required to meet with their advisor and the assistant principal for follow-up behavioral proposals.


Areas of Behavior that are sent DIRECTLY to the Assistant Principal:

  • Usage or possession of drugs/cigarettes/alcohol
  • Usage or possession of weapons
  • Fighting
  • Swearing
  • Threatening physical harm to a person or to the building
  • Physical, sexual or verbal harassment


The assistant principal will determine the appropriate consequence.


Any time a student is referred to the office, a staff member will fill out an Office Referral Form. This will be sent to the student’s advisor, and a copy will be kept on file in the office.


In the event of suspension from school for a behavior issue, the student must meet with the Assistant Principal upon reentry. The purpose for this is to increase student awareness and responsibility, and to be certain the student has an understanding of the reason for their suspension, and prevention strategies so this can be avoided in the future.

District Notices

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Unsure About A Delay Or School Closing? WMUR Will Confirm

During the inclement weather season, the SAU will inform parents of a 2-hr delay or a school closing through an Alert Now phone message. Parents can also consult the WMUR weather page which lists all declared school closings and delays.

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