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March 13th is Voting Day!

 Please put this date on your calendar.


It has been estimated by folks at the SAU that parents who have children in ConVal Schools represent about 25% of the registered voters.  That means about 75% of voters don't have kids in our schools and may not have much connection to what happens in schools.  It is critical that all of us take part of the process by reading, discussing, forming opinions, and VOTING!  Please make your voice heard.


Here are some resources that might help:


1.  The ConVal website which has all sorts of budget information

2.  The district warrant (the list of items you'll be voting on)

3.  A media clip by ConVal High Principal Pickering explaining an important bond article for gym/locker room improvements


Please feel welcome to connect with me about any of the upcoming voting issues- I'd be happy to discuss any of it with you!

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