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News from the Report Card Committee
A ConVal School District Elementary Report Card Committee has been established to:

Create a report card that defines learning goals clearly, and accurately and effectively reports students' progress toward them.

The committee consists of classroom teachers, special education teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, parents, a school guidance counselor, and an allied arts teacher. The team has met three times to establish norms, develop a purpose for the committee, answer essential questions, and to outline a plan for developing a standards-based report card. The committee is participating in a book study on standards-based report cards and has also reviewed information about the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Math. When this highly representative committee comes to consensus on important items we will periodically be providing you with information for feedback.
District Elementary School Autism Program Update

For the past three years, Hancock Elementary School has been a ConVal site option for students who have autism.  Families and SPED teams have placed children at HES because the staff has had specific training in autism disorders. 


The program has been so successful that many families have opted to have their children with autism placed at HES and at this point in time, the number of students with autism at HES has begun to outgrow the school’s capacity to successfully meet all their needs.  


In order to take the best of what has been learned and developed at HES, ConVal has decided to develop similar programs at FES and GES.  This year, FES and GES staff members will take part in a series of workshops and seminars to help them develop a solid foundation in autism.  Related service providers that have experience in autism, which include occupational therapists, guidance counselors, nurses, and speech therapists, will work at FES and GES to build expertise and bring those experiences to children.  Students with autism who are currently at HES do not need to worry that they will be placed in another school.


Staff members at both schools are looking forward to learning and building programs at each of their schools.

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