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Important Notices


Please note the following updates to the mandatory school immunization requirements for the 2014-15 school year. These state requirements are issued by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Also, the state health office has released current information on Enterovirus D68 and Ebola Virus Disease. Please read more here.

The ConVal Health Office


JudyBernardi.jpgDuring regular school hours, the ConVal Health Office has a Registered Nurse on staff. Judi Bernardi serves as the School Nurse.


The School Nurse is available throughout the school day to offer health care to students who experience either chronic or acute health problems.


She maintains contact with parents in the event that a student’s health problem GretchenGarfinkle.jpgrequires that the student be sent home. She also assists
parents by providing appropriate healthcare referrals upon request.


In addition to the School Nurse, the ConVal Health Office has a Licensed Practical Nurse on staff. Gretchen Garfinkle assists students in dealing with health issues in a confidential manner.


When Students Get Sick At School


When students are feeling ill, they should report as soon as possible to the Health Office to be assessed by the School Nurse. Students may NOT contact their parents directly to be dismissed when they are ill. They MUST be dismissed through the Health Office so that symptoms can be documented for data collection.


Parents are encouraged to communicate any health-related issues concerning their son/daughter to the nurse, and may be assured that all such information will be kept confidential.




Prescribed medication should not be taken during school hours if it is possible to achieve the medical regimen at home during other than school hours.  Non-prescribed medication will not be encouraged during school hours.


However, should a student’s condition necessitate the administration of medication during school hours, the nurse must be contacted, and the medication, in the original pharmacy container, with physician’s written orders, must be maintained by the nurse in the health office.


Chronic Conditions and Life-Threatening Allergies (LTAs)


Some students may have chronic conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, or life-threatening allergies (LTAs) that may trigger very acute anaphylactic reactions. With prior parental permission, a medical alert may be sent to staff to identify students who have a condition with potentially severe health risks.


Hospital Treatments


All students should have a signed student information form on file with the school nurse to ensure prompt treatment at a hospital, in the event of an emergency when a parent cannot be reached.


Other Health Office Services


The Health Office also assists students in achieving optimum levels of wellness by providing resources for health education, teaching basic principles of health formally and informally with individual students, in small groups, or in classroom presentations.




To reach Judi Bernardi or Gretchen Garfinkle, please use the "E-Mail Us" feature on the right or call 924-3869 x4506.

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During the inclement weather season, the SAU will inform parents of a 2-hr delay or a school closing through an Alert Now phone message. Parents can also consult the WMUR weather page which lists all declared school closings and delays.

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Due to health concerns,

ConVal is a latex-free zone.

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