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School-Sponsored Internships

Student perspective: Why take an internship?


A ConVal student interns with a local business to gain valuable experience

Why are internships important?

(From a student's perspective)

Internships give a potential employee real work experience. It lets the student learn about a specific field and the jobs and tasks that are unique to that field. It gives you a chance to test drive a career, to find out whether it’s something you would want to do before it’s too late to turn back.  Doing an internship in a career field during high school is also good to help choose a major when going on to college.

Internships show a college or employer that someone is serious about what they want to do. It shows that they are proactive in learning and are willing to put in the extra time needed for an internship. Most employers would prefer an applicant that has taken one or more internships over someone who hadn’t. A company may hire first from past interns before other applicants, because they already know that they are a good worker and motivated.

Another benefit of internships is that it looks great on a resume. While work experience and knowing whether you like the career you’re pursuing are more important, a resume is still important. Employers and colleges are looking for students and workers who have had work experience.

by Ian Wenkus, 2011 CVHS media intern

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