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Internship FAQs

FAQs about ConVal's internship program

  • How does an internship work?

Students are not paid by the company, but receive half a credit for 67.5 hours of successfully completed work-based learning. Off-site students provide their own transportation.

  • What are the hours?

Generally, students intern during a Conval “block” of time, or 90 minutes a day, five days per week. (Minus travel time.) There are four 90 minute time blocks available between 7:30AM and 2:16PM. If the student’s and supervisor’s schedules can accommodate a more flexible schedule, e.g. more hours on fewer days, that’s fine! An average of 7.5 hours a week is necessary to reach the 67.5 hours during the nine-week quarter in which internships are scheduled.

  • Are students on-site everyday?

Yes, except for new interns who attend an intern workshop every other Friday, or as above, the student has worked out a different schedule arrangement.

  • How does a match work?

Students identify a career exploration area in which they would like to intern. The intern coordinator helps to match students’ interests to local businesses and makes the initial call. If the site is willing to consider an intern, a no-obligation Informational Interview is scheduled to see if the match seems like a good fit for both.

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