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Business Course Offerings

Accounting I

Learn to establish an accounting system, complete daily transactions, work with checking accounts, record payroll, analyze and prepare monthly financial statements for a proprietorship and partnership.  Students will learn the accounting cycle and the flow of money in business by recording financial information using manual and computerized systems such as Excel and QuickBooks 2009 software.  Accounting applications and manual simulation will reinforce student learning.  


Accounting II

Accounting II expands on the topics introduced in Accounting I while adding new topics such as departmentalized accounting, accounting adjustments and valuation, general accounting adjustments, corporation accounting, management accounting, manufacturing cost accounting, and financial analysis. Students will complete accounting using Excel, QuickBooks 2009 software and use computerized accounting software.  Students will complete an electronic accounting simulation that relates to real world accounting.

Business Management

Learn what it takes to manage a business in today’s world.  This course will focus on an introduction to management; ethics and social responsibility; businesses, workers, and the law; international  business; decision-making skills; communication skills; operations management and planning; organizational structure; working with employees; motivation and leadership; managing conflict and stress; and managing change, culture, and diversity.  This course is highly recommended for all students entering the field of business after high school.


Business & Personal Law

Learn rights and responsibilities in everyday business and personal transactions.  Includes ethics and law, criminal law, problems in society, torts, the court system, trial procedures, contracts, consumer protection, warranties, buying and insuring a car, employment contracts, and renting a place to live.  The students will create and participate in a mock trial and field trips.

Consumer Education

This course will provide juniors and seniors with knowledge that is necessary for them to make decisions that affect their daily lives at present or in the very near future. Topics will include decision-making in terms of purchasing, developing a budget, understanding how to compare different types of loans, including student loans, understanding the responsibility of how to use credit cards without incurring deep debt, managing an apartment or other living arrangements, maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a limited budget, etc. Students will explore careers using Career Cruising, complete a resume and cover letter.

Digital Literacy

Students will become proficient in the use of 21st century tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information using Microsoft Office 2007 and Google Apps.  Students will further develop their creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, problem solving and decision making, and technology operations and concepts.  Students will be exposed to digital citizenship, career exploration and digital portfolio through critical thinking and ethical choices; students will examine the impact their decisions will have on themselves and others in regards to what they say and produce with media devices and technology. 



This course is intended for any student interested in starting his or her own business.  Students will be introduced to the fundamental processes of creating a new business and the principles of managing a small business operation.  Students will assess the nature of entrepreneurship and each individual’s opportunity to become an entrepreneur.  Students will then develop a business plan including a feasibility study, market analysis, business forms, site selection and layout and will then examine issues pertinent to business management including marketing, purchasing/inventory, production/distribution, operations/staffing, and human resources.  Finally, students will explore the crucial aspect of business financing, financial management and record keeping and will learn to identify the societal and economic forces that influence the growth of businesses including risk and social responsibility.

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