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Cardboard Tile Relief Sculptures


To build a cardboard relief tile that explores issues of mass and volume, creates a strong focal point and is made with care and accuracy.  This sculpture will be based on a composition of lines and shapes that was created by following a list of 12 specific instructions.


  • To look closely at the concept of composition and focal point.
  • To introduce techniques in building with cardboard.
  • To explore concepts of mass and volume.
  • To look at the effects texture and pattern have with working three dimensionally.
  • To look at issues of craftsmanship, purpose and intent when creating an artwork.

Students will know:

  • Some techniques and strategies in building with cardboard.
  • Some techniques and ways to emphasize or de-emphasize aspects of a sculptural form.
  • proper cutting techniques.

Students will be be able to:

  • Identify a focal point.
  • explain the factors that leading to the creation of this focal point.
  • cut clean straight lines with a knife

Qualities of good work include:

  •  a sculpture that has maintained the integrity of the original line drawing.
  • a sculpture that shows intent and purpose in its use of mass, volume texture and pattern
  • a sculpture that shows care and precision in its construction: clean strong lines, tight edges and corners, attention to detail.


Relief sculpture -

Focal point -



Texture -


Written reflection

Send an e-mail to me that includes a statement about the work you've made.  Speak to the successes, failures, frustrations, surprises, likes, dislikes.....


When this lesson is complete you will have:

  • a drawing made from following the 12 step instructions.
  • a sculpture based on the drawing
  • a written reflection that speaks to both the process and product of what you've done.

Examples from quarter 4, 2011


Samantha.Daisy1.JPG Selina.Baldwin1.JPG Taylor.Sullivan1.JPG cardboard tile

Alan.Fox1 James.Marchand1.JPG

Joe.LaCourse1.JPG Kacey.Banuskevich1.JPG

Glenn.Loucks1.JPG Hannah.Pratt1.JPG

Jesse.Carr1.JPG Alex.Pellerin1.JPG

Anna.Tempone1.JPG Grant.Reed1.JPG

Brittany.Kelly1.JPG Polly.Whipple1.JPG


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