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Academic Departments

ConVal's instructional program is designed to prepare students to better understand themselves, the world in which they live, and to enable them to face the future with reason and confidence.


By setting high, attainable standards for all students, the faculty challenges each student to become all she/he is capable of being. A crucial part of this commitment is belief in the value of serious and thoughtful work to create the proper atmosphere for effective effort and consideration.


Graduation Requirements


To be eligible for a diploma from ConVal, all students must successfully complete a course of study that includes the following:


Subject Areas



English 4

Social Studies (including 1.0 in U.S. History, .5 in US/NH Government, .5 Economics, 1.0 Global Studies)


Mathematics (including algebra credit that can be earned through a sequential, integrated, or applied program)


Science (1.0 Life Science, 1.0 Physical Science)




Physical Education

Arts Education .5
Career Exploration .5
Computers .5
Consumer Education .5
Elective Offerings (including Music and World Languages) 10