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A Message from the Conval Wellness Committee

The ConVal School Board adopted the current Wellness Policy in 2011 in response to the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004.(1)  This Act contains a local school Wellness Policy provision, an important tool to address obesity and promote healthy eating and physical activity through changes in school environments.

The Wellness Policy provision requires every school district that participates in the federal school meals program (as most schools do) to enact a Wellness Policy by the start of the 2006-2007 school year.  These policies must address-

  • goals for nutrition education
  • goals for physical activity
  • nutrition guidelines for all foods available at school
  • goals for other school-based activities designed to promote student wellness
  • plans for evaluating implementation of the policy

A Wellness Committee was formed in 2008 also as a requirement of the Federal and State Guidelines.  The ConVal Wellness Committee includes school nurses, PE and health teachers, coaches, a registered dietician, physicians from MCH pediatrics, the ConVal food service director, parents, administrators and a school board member.  Our goal is to provide a school environment that enhances learning and the development of lifelong wellness practices.
Studies have shown that well nourished students perform better in the classroom, have better test scores, participate more and have better attendance than those students who are undernourished.  Students who are overweight and sedentary are at a greater risk of diminished academic performance, behavior problems, and chronic disease. (2) & (3)

The Wellness Committee has:
  • Helped to adapt the Wellness Policy to the ConVal District
  • Surveyed the administration, staff and parents of the District for Wellness Policy understanding and reviewed the data
  • Promoted the Meals for Athletes program (for away games)
  • Disseminated a Healthy Snack List to schools and parents
  • Conducted Wellness Policy Presentations at GBS and SMS, inviting the PTO’s from all schools
  • Educated the Administrative Council
  • Worked with the Booster Clubs to offer healthier choices at after school events

The Wellness Committee is committed to working with the schools and the community to empower our students to make healthy choices and to incorporate physical activity into their lives.
  1. There had been another policy implemented in 2006 that was amended in 2009 and again in 2011 to the current policy.
  2. Food Research and Action Center, “School wellness policy and practice:meeting the needs of low income students, “ Washington, DC. February 2006.  
  3. Nutrition-Cognition National Advisory Committee, “Statement on the link between nutrition and cognitive development in children,” Center on Hunger and Poverty, Brandeis Univ, 1998

Linda Quintanilha, Committee Chair 

Myron Steere, School Board

Jon Ingram, School Board

Dr. Rick Matte, Director of Student Services

Donna Reynolds- ConVal Food Service Director 
Donna Sorbello- Parent and Community Member 
Steve Bartsch- Dean of Students, CVHS 
Judy Heddy- PE and Health Teacher, CVHS 
John Szep- PE Teacher, PES 
Pam Murphy- School Nurse, PES 
Linda Compton- School Nurse, GBS 
Tanya Rousseau- Health Teacher PES 

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