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Inclement Weather

The delaying or canceling of school due to inclement weather is no easy task. The process for making that decision starts between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m. Due to our bus schedules, a determination needs to be made no later than 5:15 a.m. The final decision is based upon the best information available at the time with student safety being our paramount concern.


It is the policy of the Contoocook Valley School Board that school sessions will be held during inclement weather unless, in the judgment of the Superintendent after consultation with Goffstown Truck and the Chairperson of the board, road conditions are such as to make it inadvisable to transport pupils. The Board encourages parents to exercise their own judgment as to whether or not to send their children to school. A no school decision affects all schools, in all grades, all day. In the event of a delayed opening, Kindergarten will be closed.


Cancellations or delayed openings are reported along the top of the main page of our website and on the following television and radio stations:


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Unsure About A Delay Or School Closing? WMUR Will Confirm

During the inclement weather season, the SAU will inform parents of a 2-hr delay or a school closing through an Alert Now phone message. Parents can also consult the WMUR weather page which lists all declared school closings and delays.

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